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The Commerce Union is a Project Terra in-game alliance. This forum shall serve as our official headquarters. All approved members of the Union will be masked and have access to the majority of the forum. Non-Union members have access to generic entry-level boards. Diplomats from other alliances will be masked and have access to their embassies and designated boards. If you wish to create an account, feel free to do so. Follow any in-forum instructions on registering for a mask. Welcome to the Commerce Union Forum!

If you wish to join us, please apply for membership in-game at Commerce Union Page and register for a free account on this forum and follow the instructions to apply for membership.

If you wish to visit our forum as a diplomat of another alliance, please register for a free account and follow the instructions in the Diplomatic Relations category

Thanks for visiting the Commerce Union forum! Remember to bookmark us!

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The Commerce Union is now the #5 alliance on Project Terra! This couldn't have been possible without each and every one of our awesome members! We're glad to have each and every one of you on board! We truly have an awesome, loyal, strong memberbase Here's to the next thirty of our brethren!

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